City Quilter Long Arm Quilting Services

The City Quilter, Manhattan’s premiere quilt shop, is now offering long arm quilting services. We provide a convenient place to drop off your quilt and the opportunity to have a conversation with the quilter to discuss your design needs while actually looking at your quilt. Please be encouraged to ask questions or make an appointment to meet one of our long-armers by emailing to:

To see some samples of our long arm services please click here.


Edge-to-edge Quilting

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Custom minimum*
Per sq inch





*Actual charge is determined after consulation.

Thread: per spool
Thread changing is $5.00 per color




1st Color

$5.00 (4 bobbins)

$7.50 (4 bobbins)

over 4 bobbins $2.00 each


We offer: Quilters Dream cotton, cotton/poly blend, and Fairfield polyester batting. Silk & wool can be specially ordered.


Binding service

to make binding:

to attach binding to one side:

to attach binding to 2nd side by machine:

to attach binding to 2nd side by hand:

Per linear inch





Prices subject to change. Prepared 9/26/10


long arm patterns available at the city quilter


  • Please press & square your quilt. Trim loose threads

  • If your quilt has a specific direction, please mark the top with a safety pin.

  • Please square your backing fabric.

  • Back (& batting if you are supplying your own) must be 4" extra on each side.

  • Make sure that all seams are tight enough to handle being stretched on a frame.

There is a $50 minimum charge per job.

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